Clark & Associates has
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We offer a wide range of services to meet your deposition needs:

  • Video Conference

  • Steno Court Reporting

  • In-House Videography

  • Online Repository

  • Expedited Transcripts

  • In-House Interpreter

  • Scheduling

  • Worldwide Locations

Video Conferencing

We offer HD quality video conferencing. You can schedule your client in a remote location or take your deposition from our location or from the comfort of your own office. We test all connections prior to video conference events to ensure seamless connectivity on the actual event date.

Steno Court Reporting

We offer certified steno court reporters that are accurate, quick and reliable. Our reporters are nationally certified and real-time ready. We are proud to say that our reporters are bar none and can take depositions, hearings or government proceeding anywhere in the world.

In-House Videography

We offer our in-house videographers. Our videographers are professional and accurate. We can edit videos for trial set-up as well as shoot “day in the life of” videos. We offer video sync and same day rough edits for our videos. Our videographers are what you need to assist you in making your case.

Online Repository

We offer an online repository which provides you with 24/7 access to all of your exhibits and transcripts. Using your secure username and password, you have access to transcripts and exhibits anytime anywhere.

Expedited Transcript

We offer same day, next or three day expedite. Our normal turn around is 7-10 business days but we offer exceptional service with same day rough drafts.

In-House Interpreter

We offer our very own in-house Spanish interpreter. Call us anytime to schedule.


Our client service manager can coordinate depositions for your attorney and opposing counsel. She can schedule plaintiffs, defendants, experts and doctors depositions. This service is cost-saving, time-saving, and most importantly strictly confidential.

Worldwide Locations

Do you have a deposition outside of SC? No Problem! We can find you a location anywhere in the world! We can set up location, courter reporter, videographer and videoconferencing all in one call.

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